PhoneBurner Free Webinar Series

Below are recordings & resources from the live webinar series. 

These are provided to help grow your sales team and cover a variety of topics.

Using Automation to Get Bigger Results with Less Work featuring special guest Will Christenson

In this free event we’ll cover:

  • Winning automations for PhoneBurner
    Real-life examples delivering wins for our customers
  • What to automate (and what not to automate)
    Understand how much time and money an automation can save you
  • How to setup automation
    The pros and cons of several top automation options
  • What is Zapier and how does it work?
    A versatile option to create automations with virtually any tool
  • How to build your own Zap
    Create automations with absolutely no coding

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Communication Secrets for Selling in a Virtual World with Diane West

During this free event we’ll cover:

  • The essential components for stand-out presentations
  • How to present with confidence, every time
  • Tips to elevate your virtual presence and stand out
  • How to package your pitch so your prospect “gets it”
  • Why stories are such powerful sales weapons
  • Simple steps for crafting a story to connect better with prospects

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The Psychology of Successful Selling with Umar Hameed

In this fun and actionable webinar, we'll cover:

  • How to harness your crazy sexy brain
  • Hacking your mind for peak performance
  • How to overcome fear and reluctance
  • Sell easier and sell more, by breaking down mental barriers
  • What really drives human behavior?
  • A fundamental truth for understanding buyers and closing deals
  • How to get unstuck and improve sales numbers today
  • Simple takeaways that turn “B-players” into “A-players”
  • Live Q&A with Umar

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Free Course "Learn the Secrets to Getting Unstuck!" by Umar Hameed
NeuroBooster App by Umar Hameed
Success Mindset Course by Umar Hameed

Weekly Best Practices Webinar with ZOOM Integration

Remote Work Success Part III: How to build a productive remote team, fast

During this free event we’ll cover:

  • Training tips to get reps up to speed, fast
  • The best tools for team management
  • Setting proper goals and expectations
  • How often to meet and what to cover
  • How to foster collaboration and camaraderie
  • Performance tracking tips
  • Effective sales commission structures

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Remote Work Success Part II

During this free event we’ll cover:

  • How to manage a remote team (+ hiring tips)
  • Best practices for building remote connections and culture
  • How to make the most of online meetings and presentations
  • Slack, phone, text, email - using the right tools at the right time
  • Cybersecurity essentials
  • Email setup and email clients
  • Making the most of your workspace (continued)

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Remote Work Best-Practices Part I

During this free event we’ll cover:

  • The best tools for remote work - what we use and why
  • Tips and best-practices for high productivity at home
  • How to setup your remote office
  • The importance of routine and creating one that works
  • How to best communicate with your customers and team
  • How to set goals and track results for you and your team
  • How PhoneBurner can fit into a remote working plan

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Smoke the Competition With Your Most Underutilized Sales Tool

During this free event we’ll cover:

  • The new reality of outbound calls
  • Why it’s harder than ever to reach decision makers (and the solution)
  • THE phone skills to master if you want awesome results
  • Mindset secrets for eliminating call reluctance
  • What to do before your next dial session to improve performance
  • And much more

Click here for a downloadable version of Captain Steve Clark's outbound script.

Dialing without thinking: Perfect call lists, automatically

During this free event we’ll cover:

  • Systematizing outreach: Smarter calls, less time, less thinking
  • How to reduce call reluctance with saved search
  • New feature alert: The power of “saved search editing”
  • How to set up an effective 5-step call sequence, step-by-step
  • The “all you can eat” lead pool model sales reps love
  • Smart ways to serve your reps leads, and which is right for you
  • How to extract maximum value and return from every lead

Priceless Insights from The Sales Whisperer®

Here’s a taste of what we’ll cover:

  • Facts tell, but stories sell - how to use stories to sell more
  • When to leave a voicemail, and how to increase callbacks
  • How to adjust what you say based on how your prospect answers
  • How to fix your follow-up failure
  • Why you must make every sale, to make any sale
  • The difference between Pigs & Sharks and why it matters
  • Popular “Encouraging but not useful” tips you should ignore
  • How to shorten your learning curve & accelerate your growth

PhoneBurner Integrations Webinar

During this webinar, we'll cover: 

  • How to connect ANY system with PhoneBurner
  • Automatic call logging in any CRM (massive time savings and task reduction)
  • How PieSync creates 2-way syncing between systems in near record-time - featuring special guest Aron Gosselin from PieSync
  • Quick PieSync setup and connection rules walkthrough
  • Best practices and ideal folder structure for successful integrations
  • Common, but easy to avoid integration mistakes
  • UPDATE: PhoneBurner's API has been updated to sync multiple phone numbers, multiple email addresses, tags, and star ratings with PieSync.

How PhoneBurner Grew Over 2X, Using PhoneBurner

Here's a taste of what we'll cover... 

  • How we use PhoneBurner as an all-in-one sales platform (CRM, power dialer, and sales cadence solution)
  • Aggressive sales strategies that have helped us double our business
  • Practical tips and tricks we use, that can work for anyone
  • Voicemails and emails that consistently generate more callbacks
  • How we set more appointments, and leverage demos to close deals
  • Training and coaching strategies that drive team-wide success

Maximize Sales Call Results w/ Michael Pedone

In this informal, fun, and highly actionable interview we’ll cover:

    • Is there ONE 'secret to success' in selling by phone? (answer: yes, and we'll share what it is)
    • What's your most effective sales call script?
    • What 1-2 sales combo really boosts results?
    • Is there a highly effective sales process you follow and recommend?
    • What’s your #1 voicemail script tip for increasing callbacks?
    • What are some voicemail mistakes a lot of salespeople make?
    • How do you leverage email to get more prospects on the phone?
    • How should I sell differently if I'm B2B or B2C?

Plus, we’ve got some exciting PhoneBurner updates and features to share with you.

The full recording including Q&A is below: 

PhoneBurner's New Account Theme & Navigation

During this webinar, we'll:

  • Show off the new color scheme, fonts, and style
  • Explain the new header, which maximizes screen real estate
  • Walk you through the new, more intuitive Settings area
  • Share your new Universal Navigation - everything you know, made easier & faster

As a bonus, we’ll also give you a sneak peek of our upcoming "FastStart" feature that lets you jump into dial sessions in about a quarter of the time!

The full recording including Q&A is below:

PhoneBurner Expert Sales Panel

During this free event, we'll cover:

    • What ONE sales strategy has had the biggest impact on your success?
    • What's your favorite sales book?
    • What is the wildest sales pitch you've ever seen work?
    • Which PhoneBurner 'hidden' feature is your favorite?
    • What is the best way to get more leads in your experience?
    • What is a strategy or tip you learned from a PhoneBurner client that really impressed you?
    • What's the best opening or closing statement you’ve ever heard or used?
    • What's the best objection obliterator you've ever heard or used?
    • Name a sales technique you love, that never goes out of style.

The full recording including Q&A is below:

Sales coach of THOUSANDS reveals his top tips for 2019

During this free event, we'll cover:

    • How to ensure your 2019 is better than 2018
    • Changes to your sales game that have BIG impact
    • Master tips for relating to prospects and maximizing closing rates
    • Ren's top tips for sales prospecting in 2019's competitive market
    • How to get better results when selling over the phone

The full recording including Q&A is below:

Your High-Performance Holiday Season

This presentation talks about some actionable calling tips to help you close out the year strong and some new ways you can use PhoneBurner to stay highly productive while keeping time-wasting tasks to a minimum:

    • NEW Inbound - Get an inside look at our new inbound call feature. Combine this with auto re-connect for seamless dial sessions and even more productive connections every hour.
    • NEW QuickLinks - The ultimate time-saving tool, available now for you and your team. See how to customize it for your workflow.
    • NEW Integrations - Discover some exciting 3rd party integrations that can speed up and simplify your process. We’ll talk about what’s ready, and what’s soon to come.
    • NEW Templates - Want time-saving customizations without the setup? Our templates - covering a growing number of industries and use cases - are the answer.
    • Holiday Calling Tips - Simple to execute tips to improve your calling success during the holiday season.

The full recording including Q&A is below:

PhoneBurner Best Practices & Productivity Hacks

This presentation talks about best practices we’ve seen with 1000's of customers - plus we share some productivity hacks and new features:

  • Our NEW time-saving (best-practice automating) “templates”
  • The ideal folder setup to improve your pipeline management
  • Little-known customization options that deliver BIG productivity gains
  • A simple hack so you never miss a scheduled follow-up again
  • Quick-call functionality - have your team calling today’s callbacks in 12 seconds
  • Saved-searches you should setup NOW for smarter prospecting
  • Plus custom field tips, proven follow-up cadences, and more...

The full recording including Q&A is below:

PhoneBurner Team